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Wyldegoos’ Blog

The home for all my posts.

Bookworm’s Borings

Observations on books, movies, and videos.

Knots Untied

Hard texts and doctrines unraveled.

One in a Quillion

Updates on my writing and my self.

Original Insights

Observations on the original languages.

Upward Trek

Inspiration and instruction for the Christian journey.

Think outside the fog:

  • of the status quo, the popular, the politically correct
  • of theological systems erected on philosophical errors
  • of sectarian prejudice and its resistance to truth
  • of the common mistakes in reason and thought

Set my people free:

  • from errors in matters of eschatology
  • from errors on God’s government and redemption
  • from errors that undermine the Bible and evangelicalism
  • from errors that promote hyperspirituality
Image of man standing on foggy mountain, think outside the fog
Picture of the book The Rogue Planets Shaken by Lee W. Brainard

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