A new day dawns!

Hello friends, fans, and readers. How does someone who would prefer to spend his days with his nose buried in books transform himself into a writer—indeed a writer using modern technology and social media? Slowly. And painfully. But the transformation was—and is—necessary. Those who have gathered wisdom and understanding, who have searched for it as for hid treasure, have an obligation to pick up their pen and impart their treasures to the world. And so I begin a new chapter in my grand adventure: upping my game with technology and social media and authoring two series of books.

The first is my apocalyptic fiction series, Planets Shaken, which contemplates mankind’s future through the lens of biblical prophecy, electric universe cosmology, and the history of natural catastrophe on Earth, particularly the catastrophes that beset mankind from 2300 BC to 800 BC. The story, which unfolds in a near-future dystopian America on the brink of the apocalypse, hinges on the amazing revelation in Luke 21:16 that “the planets of the heavens shall be shaken.” (I won’t defend this interpretation/application now, but intend to defend it in the future on my theological website, Soothkeep. When I do, maybe I’ll post a few lines here too.)

The first volume of this series, The Rogue, is now in print. The second volume is over 40% roughed out, with several chapters in full rough draft. My aim is to have this book in print before the year is out. The series is not being penned merely for entertainment value—though I have been told that the first volume was a great read—but to introduce men to paradigm-changing ideas in the scientific and prophetic realms in the hope that they will engage them, wrestle with them, and weigh them.

The second series, Prophecy in the Crucible, will consist of short books on prophetic topics where I believe that there is a great deal of misunderstanding. The first volume, The New Heavens and Earth, is well on the way to being outlined, with some chapters roughed out. Future planned volumes include such provocative titles as Time in Eternity and Rosh, Gog, and Magog.

Running hard for a cause far bigger than myself,

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