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Time for updates and assorted ramblings. This evening it is raining fairly hard here in Harvey, North Dakota. The temperature has dropped — it feels like a hot cocoa evening.

After today’s writing session I am 82% of the way done with the rough draft of volume two of the “Planets Shaken” series. I don’t have a working title yet, but do have a few ideas. This volume is shaping up to have more action and less communication of the science behind the story line — though science and prophecy are still important to the story. I am on track to have the book in print by the end of the year.

I received an encouraging email today from a publisher that specializes in audio books. They don’t accept solicitations from authors but only reach out to authors they feel have marketable books. They have done the audio versions for numerous New York Times and USA Today best sellers. We have scheduled a phone consultation for next week, so we can determine whether we are a good match for each other.

I want to encourage you, if you were thinking of buying gift Kindle copies for your friends and family, to take advantage of the introductory prices which are only good until midnight, September 30. Currently the Kindle price is $0.99 and the paperback price is $10.49. Beginning October 1, the Kindle price will be $4.99 and the paperback will be $15.99 (or somewhere’s thereabout).

Writing is hard work. So those of you who are praying folk, I would greatly appreciate it if you would hold me up in prayer. If I am not careful, the press of other obligations in studying, non-fiction writing, teaching, and ministry intrude on the time I have set aside for the “Planets Shaken” project. I really don’t want this to happen. I believe this project is important, for it presents a unique combination of Bible prophecy, cutting edge cosmology (the electric universe theory), and historical catastrophism (from the flood to the middle Iron Age).

If you haven’t yet checked them out, give both my author website and my theological website a look. I have included links below.

If you are not a regular Bible reader, let me encourage you to take up this practice with new found purpose. As we draw closer to the end of the world, we are going to find it more important than ever to draw strength, discernment, and wisdom from the Bible, especially the prophetic passages. If you don’t know where to start, start in the Gospels and read them through a few times. Then read the rest of the New Testament.

May your chief passion be knowing God and his revealed truth.

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